Unlined Leather Driver Work Gloves

Leather Types

Cow Cowhide leather is the most commonly used leather within the glove industry due to its abundance. The advantages include comfort, durability, excellent abrasion resistance, and breathability.

Pig Pigskin affords the greatest breathability due to the porous texture of this hide. Additionally, pigskin tends to become softer with use and withstands moisture without stiffening. When laundered, this leather will return more to its natural soft texture than other leathers.

Goat Independent tests have proven that grain goatskin is twice as durable as cow grain and pig grain leather. The natural lanolin produced by goats helps to create the softest, most abrasion-resistant leather. This leather is highly recommended for applications requiring tactile sensitivity.

Deer Known to be one of natures most luxurious, softest leathers, providing all day comfort and sensitivity to touch.